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Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC: Your key to security in Cave Creek

Welcome to Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC locksmith and security systems in Cave Creek

Cave Creek Lock & Key has been run by the same family in Cave Creek since 1970 and is run differently in that we would like to repair your old hardware & save you money whenever possible.

Fixing the lock hardware you already own saves you money & that makes good sense in any economy! I will take a personal interest in your locks working just the way they were designed to.

Many of my clients are surprised at just how well their locks work after I get done adjusting them properly. We have seen the ways that burglars get into the homes in this area, at past crime scenes, and we stock the hardware needed to safeguard your belongings whether they are kept in your home or business.

Top technology - Traditional customer service

Keeping up with today’s advanced technology has helped to keep Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC at the forefront of the lock system industry in Cave Creek. Although the technology may have become more complex through the years, our commitment to friendly and personalized customer service has remained the same. We are as committed today to offering the highest standards of excellence as we were when we cut our first key in Cave Creek many years ago. Our highly qualified team of experts remains firmly dedicated to assessing and providing the finest security solutions for your property and vehicles as they were from day one and each of our trained technicians possess credentials that exceed the required industry standard.

Whether you require a security expert for your home, car, or place of business, for either public or private purposes, every Cave Creek resident is in good hands with a Cave Creek Lock & Key LLC locksmith.

Please call (480) 488-9842 for mobile service.